Land Use Management

2018-2-6 2:48:10

 Despite the vast landmass of China, land and resource per capita in China is scarce. Faced with many problems in land and resources planning, professionals in the area entrusted Forte to formulate a plan to study the US experience of resource planning.  

The lectures given by GWU professors delved into highlighted issues in urban planning such as strategic city planning, sustainable urban development, limiting urban sprawling, and green development led by community living. The lectures covered US land planning theories and development, including Central Place Theory, Du Can Circle, and multiple-center city planning models. The lectures connected with the reality in China and emphasized on the traffic solutions by comparing with the US experience in population migration.

 Aside from the lectures, Forte arranged a series of business visits. The group visited The Urban Planning Commission at Prince George County, learning its organizational structure and duties of planning, reviewing and executing procedures. The group also inquired about their approaches to executing relocation programs, licensing, land categorization, industrial land using and property taxation. During the visit with the Alexandria Land Planning Department, the host used its Metro Line planning as the lead to illustrate the development of city planning in Alexandria. It also introduced its program for citizen participation in its work, including sharing the common goals with the citizens, fully notifying the citizens and granting the citizens with easy access to such participation. They also discussed the distinction between private and public land, approaches to managing citizen participation, and approaches to evaluating city plans.