2018 Summer Camp

2018 Summer US Tour of Social and Science Exploration


The US Social Practice and Science Exploration Trip invites Chinese students for a short-term visit to the US. During their visit, the students live in American households and intimately experience American way of living, including their social and cultural activities. The students will also be participating the specially designed “US Practical English” Course. In addition, Students will visit renowned universities including The George Washington University and famous resorts in LA, Hollywood and Disney Land. This trip allows the participating student truly explore and socialize in America, helping them boost their English skills as well as expand their knowledge.  


Summary of Organizers for the US Social and Science Exploration Tour

USA appeals to the world for its liberty and democracy. Millions of people all over the world visit the US every year. To help the world better understand the US, US State Department established Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs (ECA) to encourage global citizens to visit  and study in the US. The ECA also designated 140 organizations in the US to help promote the cause. As one of the organizations entrusted by the State Department, Forte International dedicates itself to international exchange programs. In the last decade, Forte International organized students around the world for cultural exchange trips to the US for various lengths of durations and received wide compliments from the participating students, parents and schools. This short summer camp helps students strengthen their understanding in American society, American culture and American values. The camp also boosts their interest and confidence to further their education here in the US. 


Trip Itinerary and Activities    

Date: July 2- July 22.

Locations: China – New York – Washington – Camp – Los Angeles – China.

Trip Objective:

To have every student participating the US Exploration Trip embrace American way of living, to help them develop understanding of American society, history and culture.  To have the students engaged in US education systems as well as with American students. Their English skills as well their independence are expected to improve drastically through this trip. 

Program Highlights:

1.       English Learning

One Week of enhanced “American Practical English” course learning. All lectures are administered by qualified teachers recommended by local education departments. The teaching materials are customized to better fit the needs of participating students. The teaching utilizes local resources and creates an immersive English learning environment.  The students participate in social activities in afternoons, organized by local host families. 

2.       Housing with American families

Living in American households provides a rare yet precious opportunity to observe, engage and interact in American society closely. The students may partner with their host family brothers and sisters and enhance their mutual understanding. This will also boost their confidence in social interaction, independence, cooperation. In addition, the program organizes students to visit highly ranked universities as well as social activities. Participating in social activities promotes awareness to   community services, self-reliance, resilience and social skills.  

3.  Visiting New York City, Los Angeles for sightseeing. Destinations include Disney Land and Hollywood Studios. The trip will expand the knowledge and their understanding of US cultural context.

4. For the participating students who are interested in US cultural exchange program, we are happy to provide instruction and guidance regarding their future enrollment.  

Our Services:

1.   1.  Provide a comprehensive list of services including application, visa application, flight booking, airport pickup, education, lodging, transportation, meals, visits and sightseeing throughout their stay in the US.  

2.Provide home stay at families of respectable families.  We provide accommodations during their stay in New York, Los Angeles.  

3. Provide Admission tickets during their stay

4.Provide Health Insurance and Travel Insurance. The activities are accompanied by teachers.  

The fees include:

  1. (1)    Roundtrip flight tickets
  2. (2)    Lectures, textbooks and English training certificates
  3. (3)    Activity costs
  4. (4)    Accommodation (4 students/room), Meals, Transportation
  5. (5)    Admission tickets incurred during their sightseeing, interpreter, management and gratitude.
  6. (6)    Invitation Letter and Visa Fee
  7. (7)    Travel Insurance