Summer/Winter Camp

Forte International offers comprehensive tour services tailored to the various needs of our clients. We offer flexible itinerary arrangement from coast to coast. We incorporate local class teaching and site visiting to maximize the experience and gains of the group. Forte International harvests the resources of the US to create an unforgettable vacation that is equally as entertaining and educational for the kids.

During their journey in the US, the students will join their American household (2-3 students per household), to intimately study American history, cultures, and family values. During their two-week experience in the US, the students will have the opportunity to participate in all sorts of summer camp activities, including experience in American schools to enhance their understanding in American life, education and cultures.


Program Highlights
Stay with Local families, Experience the American Way of Living
1 on 1 School Partners
To help students engage in the classroom, every participant will have their own partner in class, which builds their ability to communicate, cooperate and eventually value their experience with each other.
Sample Itinerary:
Duration: 28 days
Targeted students: students enrolled in 7-12 grades
Day 1
Flight to Ohio, US. First night: Welcome dinner hosted by Forte International Program Director, School Supervisor and host families. Brief introduction of the US information and meet the host families. 
Day 2
Familiarize with the host family, enjoy the first weekend in America 
Day 3- Day 25 
Opening ceremony for Oversea Classroom. The ceremony details the purpose for the study trip to the US and precautions. 1 on 1 study partners will be assigned.  
Class daily schedule: (time and contents of lectures are based on the arrangement of local schools)  
Breakfast at School
English, Math, Physics, Biology, Chemistry, and others 
After class activities 
Day 26 
Closing ceremony, conclude the study trip to the US. Remarks by students, hos t families and teachers. Award certificates.
Day 27 
Take Flight back to China
Day 28 
Arrive in China