US High School Exchange Program

In 1948, the U.S. Congress passed the United States Information and Educational Exchange Act.  The purpose of this program is to increase mutual understanding between the people of the United States and people of other nations. After this legislation, several exchange program programs were established and the Secondary Student Exchange Program was one of them.

High school exchange students, are allowed to enter America with a J-1 visa. The high school exchange program is either one academic semester or one academic year. If a participant applies for one academic semester in the first place, he/she could apply to extend it to one academic year, but the program should last no more than one year.

The high school exchange program offers the participants an opportunity to experience American culture within an American family, school and community. Participants live with a volunteer host family and attend an accredited high school.

Reasons to Trust Forte:

Extensive Qualification. Over two decades in the business, the accomplishment of FIEA has been widely recognized by international parents, students and US host families. As early as 2000, entrusted by the State Department, Forte was designate as the partner in the US Global Cultural Exchange Program. Every Forte area director received certification by the US State Department. Through Forte every year there are about four 400 students from over 20 countries and regions coming into the US to assimilate the American life.  

Logistical Network: After years of success in development and expansion, Forte has managed to establish a 3-level service network across the nation, providing comprehensive and efficient logistical support to ensure every exchange student a smooth transition into their new families. Headquartered in the Metro-DC area, Forte International oversees 12 regional directors and over one hundred local representatives across the country. Every Forte Representative is certified by the US State Department to ensure their qualification in providing first-hand assistance to the students and their host families.

 Scrupulous Service: Forte International dedicates itself in enhancing the visiting experience of every exchange student. We provide comprehensive support and assistance through their journey here. Cultural shock has always been a challenge for students and host families. Forte International’s representatives will conduct orientation to both the students and the host families to ensure a smooth transition.

Rigorous process: Forte International has formulated a set of rigorous screening process to ensure a perfect match between the exchange students, the host families and the schools, thus maximizing their experience in this program.