Food Safety Assessments and Testing Technologies Training Program

2017-12-21 0:19:51
Section A – Overview of the Training Program:
? The training is designed to improve food safety assessment practices and testing technologies. 
? 21-day-training-program
? Training locations: New York, District of Columbia, Los Angeles   
? Training format: Combination of lectures and on-site visits
Section B – Purposes of Training:
? To learn about the U.S. regulations in food quality control;  
? To learn about the status quo of the U.S. safety control in food production and logistics, and how to educate the public about food safety control regulations;
? To learn about the U.S. successful experience in safety control of food production and logistics;
? To learn about the implementation of the U.S. food safety laws regarding domestic production and imports;
Section C – Training Contents:
? To learn about the U.S. government’s practices in managing food production and processing;
? To learn about the U.S. food safety’s law enforcement in food logistics; 
? To learn about the U.S. food quality control over food wholesalers and retailers;
? To learn about the U.S. quality control and management mechanism in food production. 

Section D – List of participating organizations:  
? U.S. Food and Drug Administration 
? Food Safety and Inspection Service, Department of Agriculture
? Flavor and Extract Manufacturers Association
? International Food Information Council Foundation
? Center for Food Safety
? Grocery Manufacturers Association 
? National Association of State Meat and Food Inspection
? National Restaurant Association
? Food Allergy Research and Education
? Food & Drug Safety Program, State of New Jersey, Department of Health
? University of Maryland, College Park
? University of Southern California