2018-2-6 5:25:31

      As the Chinese economy develops to a further stage, industries in China are increasing their demand for more experienced and more versatile talents. Vocational education development is promoted widely. The focal point has now become the idea of achieving balanced economic development regarding Chinese overall situations and integration with international modern vocational education system. 

     The training group consists of senior administrative executives of mid-level vocational training schools in China. Their training in the US allows them to develop a deeper understanding of the US vocational training system, the connection of mid-to-high level vocational training and the partnerships between training institutions and private sectors.  

     The training group were able to visit US vocational training organizations including The Urban Assembly Group, Long Island Art High School,  Parsons School of Design, NAF International, Fairfax County Adult and Community Education Center. They also visited trade organizations including Association for Career and Technical Education and vocational training bases. They also held dialogues with regulatory stake holders including the Dept of Education in Maryland, Office of Career, Technical, and Adult Education (OCTAE) of US Dept of Education, Youth and Community Development Dept of NYC and so on.